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What's the Plan?

How will your business generate revenue if

you cannot work for a period of time? 

What must happen so you can stop

turning customers away?   

When will you take time away from work 

to enjoy the days you have been dreaming about? 

When will you make the time to take care of your

health and other important areas of your life? 

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Rock Formations on the Beach



BOLD Partners with Small Business Owners who

Must Grow to Meet Clients Demands.

BOLD's Areas of Expertise:

Operational Resources

Recruiting Solutions

Marketing Tools

Custom Projects

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Mission Statement

BOLD serves small business owners in the areas of Customer Service and Sales Operations, Marketing Solutions, Employee Relations, and Custom Projects for sustained longevity and success. We are committed to understanding and respecting the visions our clients have for securing their companies futures. 

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Believe things are working in your favor. It is important to believe what you are working towards is exactly what you should be doing. Also, as the business owner, it is critical for you to believe in yourself, employees, and your ideas in order for the business to be successful.


Believe you can overcome anything that comes your way. Challenges will arise, but you CAN overcome the hurdles that arise along the way. Then, believe the right resources and individuals will be provided to support you as you lead and manage a thriving business.


Live in the moment and never allow fear to prevent you from achieving your personal and business goals and dreams. F.E.A.R. = False beliefs acting real


Dream until your last breath because life is short. Work smarter not harder to achieve your dreams by working with the right business partners and employees.

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Operations Planning & Resources

Plans & Tools for Growth

Adding employees to your company will force you to do things differently. BOLD will provide you with operational resources to easily hire new employees who are supporting and selling to your potential customers.

Shaking Hands

Recruitment & Employee Related

Hire and Development the Right People for Success

BOLD provides solutions for hiring, onboarding, job training, and holding employees accountable to your business goals.



Tools for Sustained Growth

Marketing is a world in itself that is always evolving which can make hard to know where to start. We partner with the most knowledgeable marketers in the game who will make managing this area of your business as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Visual Project

Custom Projects

Projects Outside "The Box" 

Ask us how we can help with unexpected or complex tasks and projects you do not have the capacity to take on.

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About Us

BOLD Business Solutions LLC (BOLD) partners with small business owners to excel in several areas, especially, those they are not experts. Frequently, business owners quickly realize there are areas of their business where they have passion and others they wish they had support. As the business is rolling along, often, owners realize having to do everything is mentally and emotionally challenging. When this realization occurs, owners may start to feel overwhelmed and stressed which can negatively impact one's health along with family and client relationships. If your business is approaching or at this juncture it is time to find a reliable partner, like BOLD, to avoid costly consequences in these areas:

Customer Service & Sales Operations

Marketing Services 

Employee Relations & Development

Custom Solutions

BOLD is your trusted PARTNER for the areas of your business you must delegate. At BOLD, we look forward to collaborating with you and your team to ensure your business achieves today’s goals

and objectives for long-term success.

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